Las deficiencias en la capacidad funcional son un problema importante a medida que uno envejece; es un primario…

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Las deficiencias en la capacidad funcional son un problema importante a medida que uno envejece; es una razón principal de la pérdida de independencia en los ancianos. Nuestro nuevo metanálisis recién publicado en JAMA Open encuentra que los adultos mayores logran mejores beneficios funcionales del entrenamiento de potencia (es decir, acción concéntrica rápida con una acción excéntrica controlada) en comparación con el RT tradicional de velocidad más lenta. Es importante tener en cuenta que estos hallazgos no significan necesariamente que todo el entrenamiento concéntrico deba realizarse de manera explosiva. Combinar algún tipo de entrenamiento de potencia con el entrenamiento convencional puede ayudar potencialmente a optimizar las mejoras funcionales y, al mismo tiempo, tener efectos beneficiosos en otros resultados. Felicitaciones a Anoop Balachandran por liderar el camino en este caso. El documento es de acceso abierto y, por lo tanto, gratuito para que todos lo lean; solo busca el titulo. 💪🏽

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    Awesome, @bradschoenfeldphd! Question about the comparator (traditional) training: Did you find that the traditional programs were somewhat less than optimal? I’ve argued for a while that many of the head to head comparisons like this are not ecologically valid in that they use a very similar prescription between conditions, but just that the traditional is done purposefully slower than the ‘power’ groups. If the loading is similar, and the reps are slower, would this not be ‘suboptimal’?

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    Very interesting as always… what do you think @bradschoenfeldphd about the underdosing in older population training?? I’m just working on this topic and would appreciate your opinion 🙂🙌

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    The problem with slower speed training is thinking that during the entire set of work you are moving the weight deliberately slowly. In this type of protocol, such as superslow, when muscle failure is approached, the intention of the gesture is to go at the maximum possible speed, only the visual output is that the load continues to move slowly. It is perfectly possible to have a maximum speed intention, without the need to generate force peaks that can be harmful. A accumulate time fatigue in a series carried muscle failure, if the intention is to move the weight as fast as possible, you will reap the same benefits as indicated in the meta-analysis, but eliminating the potential equation risks at the structural level. @davenr84

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    @resistanceinstitute @lukecarlson3070 @resistance_exercise_conference @_jay_vincent @kmhist @discoverstrength @lmontehit @james.steeleii

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    I agree #theyoungfootballcoach, injuries occur in the eccentric phase as they are decelerating the load. However, I train lots of people over 50 and 60. If speed training was something I was programming that day, I would probably use things that they don’t have to decelerate, e.g. med ball, etc Or, maybe bands. I don’t have a problem if someone wants to use weights for that type of training I just am not sure the risk reward is favorable. Having said that, it really depends on the person in front of you, i.e. N=1. If they have a good training background, no obvious mechanical issues and a desire to do it I’m in. By the way I read a study a while back indicating that aging people lose speed faster than strength. It’s one study so take from it what you will.

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    I would never try explosive concentrics with older adults. The risk of injury is greatly increased, there is too much bias in the evidence to conclude. The conclusions could be wrong and misinterpreted since it is not the speed at which the exercises are performed, or how fast the bar moves that could provide the benefit, it is the force production that recruits the motor units. Isometrics and machines like ARX allow us to apply this concept by moving slowly or not at all.

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    Thank you for this research paper

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    So glad that my old man allowed to snatch in proper conditions

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    I train seniors and am curious also about this concept.Getting power out of many of them safely is very challenging. Thanks for this article

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