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    @bradschoenfeldphd sorry disagree to that. It is god level convenience food and an revolution in food technology. Prove me wrong if u can😎😎💪💪🙏🙏🙏

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    @charlotteandmore 👌🏻

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    And in fact i have never used a single protein shake in my life, not because i have something against them, in fact all my clients get the beneficial things of powders, but because i can achieve and surpass the daily requirements with just the appropriate amount of animal protein sources

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    I dont disagree. I really dont. Im only here to chat phenomenons, perceived, placebo or otherwise. But if I smash protein powder, say 3 of my 4 protein feedings, i seem to perform much better than if all my protein feedings are animal based. This statement is not to say youre wrong or the literature is wrong at all. Id simply like to disuss what might be at play here. Am i simply absorbing more from my whey and hence im consuming more and getting closer to my required daily intake or something like that? Has anyone else found this?

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    «Daily requirements» is not the same thing as hitting high protein level to enhance MBS, so lets say you hit 1.8 g/kg with food, wouldn’t extra protein shake with 30-50 grams increase the response of MBS? Thanks in advance

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    Is all research showing gains always using people that under consumed protein?

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    That’s what i do every day, amazing Brad, thanks fpr sharing the knowledge

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    Is testing Urea Nitrogen a good way to check if you are eating enough or too much protein?

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    Not too loud. Supplement companies will try to counter your statement using fitness models as evidence who are on more juice than a detox spiritualist vegans, then offer the audience a 15% discount on their protein if purchased on their website.

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    What about the leucine controversy that is associated with whey and animal sources ?

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    Do you mean when you hit diet recommended amounts or muscle building amounts there is no benefit

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